A bit of Vietnamese cinnamon on a plate with a measuring spoon from cleveland cooking
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I Love Vietnamese Cinnamon

A few years ago my wife and I went down to Cleveland’s West Side Market and stopped by Urban Herbs. My wife and I wondered what cinnamon to use in our baking and cooking. Is there a difference? The owner of Urban Herbs suggested we try Vietnamese cinnamon with our cooking and baking. It was the Holiday season, so we would be in the kitchen quite a bit. Once we started using Vietnamese cinnamon, we have not looked back. We make sure there is a backup in case of an emergency. At the time of writing this we have a 1/2 of a pound in the cupboard! The Vietnamese cinnamon has a more robust, sweet taste. It really intensifies the cinnamon taste and can be used with both savory and sweet dishes.

Vietnamese cinnamon boosts the flavor of your recipes

My wife made a three layered ice cream cake for her dad’s birthday in December. The middle layer was cinnamon ice cream (just one pint of soft vanilla ice cream mixed with a teaspoon of cinnamon!). The vietnamese cinnamon lifted the flavor of the ice cream. That, with the combination of the other flavors of ice cream, was just incredible. We have made pecan shortbread cookies, spiced baked ham, and apple pear crumble pie using Vietnamese cinnamon and have noticed a huge difference in flavor.

I encourage you to try Vietnamese cinnamon. Even just borrow a couple of tablespoons off of a friend to try in your baking. I am sure you will notice a big difference!

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