Holiday recipes!

Welcome to Cleveland Cooking! Try some of our favorite Christmas cookies and other holiday recipes! Quick and easy recipes to traditional recipes! Below are my gingerbread cookie with apple cider frosting and my spiced baked ham recipe! Sign up here to get recipes right to your inbox!

The Dish on Cleveland Cooking

Cleveland Cooking was born from my wife and I wanting our children to be open to trying new foods. I started diving into family recipes, YouTube videos, and PBS cooking shows, to gather recipes. We wanted to show them that there was more to cooking than dinner in a box. With just a bit of time and planning, you can create some wonderful meals and start new traditions with your family. We value our family dinnertime, the conversation, the laughs, and the love. We hope you do too.

Cleveland’s diversity

Cleveland is one giant melting pot when it comes to the many ethnicities that are found here. The traditional cooking to the traditional with a twist can also be found throughout the city. Whether you are looking for Asian, Ethiopian, Jamaican, Italian, Irish, Polish, or virtually any cuisine, we have it here in Cleveland! So I can’t help but to be so excited to try new foods, new recipes, and new cooking techniques! National award winning chefs such as Karen Small, Michael Symon, Zack Bruell, Michael Schwartz, Doug Katz, and Rocco Whalen also have restaurants here. Not to mention the many local restaurants that have served up quintessential Cleveland food for years. Tommy’s, Melt Bar and Grilled, Slyman’s, and Giovanni’s just to name a few!

There are a variety of quick and easy recipes to try on Cleveland Cooking, such as appetizers, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even some traditional recipes are included with a new twist! We invite you to try some of these recipes, give them your own twist, and make them your own!

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